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Resident Selection Criteria

The Village at Flatrock is an affordable housing community.  The annual gross income for the applicant's household must be less than or equal to the maximum income limits as established and annually revised by the requirements of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program for the appropriate household size.  

Please click here to download a copy of our Resident Selection Criteria.

Please click here to download a copy of the VAWA form 5380 per our Resident Selection Criteria 

Income Limits


  • 1-Person Household - up to $32,340/year

  • 2-Person Household - up to $36,960/year

  • 3-Person Household - up to $41,580/year

  • 4-Person Household - up to $46,200/year

  • 5-Person Household - up to $49,920/year

  • 6-Person Household - up to $53,640/year

  • 7-Person Household- up to $57,300/year

  • 8-Person Household- up to $61,020/year

Monthly Rent

Based on the income restrictions outlined above, as of 4/18/2022, rents are:

●  1-Bedroom 30% AMI Rent - $300/month
●  1-Bedroom 50% AMI Rent - $588/month
●  1-Bedroom 60% AMI Rent - $619/month

●  2-Bedroom 30% AMI Rent - $376/month
●  2-Bedroom 50% AMI Rent - $695/month
●  2-Bedroom 60% AMI Rent - $695-760/month

●  3-Bedroom 30% AMI Rent - $452/month
●  3-Bedroom 50% AMI Rent - $795/month
●  3-Bedroom 60% AMI Rent - $795/month

●  4-Bedroom 30% AMI Rent - $480/month
●  4-Bedroom 50% AMI Rent - $895/month
●  4-Bedroom 60% AMI Rent - $895/month

Note: All rents include trash removal fees.


Application Instructions

Click here to download and print pdf files of the rental application.  

Please complete one Rental Application for each household, plus one Tenant Income Certification Questionnaire for each adult (age 18 or older) household member and return the completed application(s) along with a non-refundable application fee of $25 (cashier's check or money order) per adult household member (age 18 or older) to:


     The Village at Flatrock
     1830 N. Flatrock River Ct.
     Rushville, IN 46173


The Resident Selection Criteria and Rental Application are pdf files which can be viewed using Adobe Reader or similar software.  To download a free copy of Adobe Reader, please click here.



Useful Contact Information:

  • Contact Duke Energy at (800) 521-2232 to connect electric service

  • Contact CenterPoint at (800) 227-1376 to connect natural gas service

  • Contact Rushville City Utilities at (765) 932-4124 to connect water/sewer service

  • Contact Frontier  at (888) 234-7530 to connect phone or internet service

  • Contact Comcast at (800) 266-2678 to connect cable TV or internet service

  • The Rushville Post Office is located at 230 West 3rd Street, or telephone them at (765) 932-3139.



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