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Click here to be taken to the online portal

What to expect-

The online portal is a great new way to communicate with YOU the tenant and to US the landlord. It makes it easier to stay up to date on what is happening in and around the community and throughout Rushville. Get reminders on when pest treatments are going to happen or when we are having the big parties on the property! This will be a great way for us to remind you of when your rent is due, and to communicate with your work orders have been completed! Log in today and see what there is to offer!

Pay Rent-

Paying rent is now more easy than it has ever been! Click the above link above and log in to the resident portal, Create an account, and then convenience will be right at your fingertips! No more waiting in line for a money order, or missing the office being open during late night hours. Pay your way, online with any of the major credit cards, online check, or a direct deposit. You can even set up recurring payments, to ensure that your rent is paid every month! Were taking the pain out of paying rent the traditional way! Just one more way we show our wonderful tenants we CARE! Some fees apply depending on payment method.


Pay By E-Check for free!

Work Orders-

Need something fixed that is a non-emergency, but it's late and you don't want to forget. Log into the portal and place a work order online. It's quick, easy, and will be give the same priority as any of the other work orders! This is a way to hear from you the residents on what is in need of repair in your home. You don't have to wait any longer. Place the work order online today!

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